Helsinki central library Oodi's cafeteria's range includes two signature products: Oodi cake and Oodi's great cinnamon bun.

Every house has a heart and so does the central library Oodi. Oodi's Great cinnamon bun is a traditional Finnish bun in a new heart shape. The cinnamon bun can either be folded in the middle and split in half with a friend, or fully enjoyed by yourself. You decide, will you share your heart?

The Oodi cake is made up of traditional Finnish flavors, raspberries and red currants, combined with international nuances in the form of Fazer cocoa, cashew nuts and coconut. The beautiful berry color and fresh taste tempt to the delicacy all year round.

The sweetness of the cake consists of cane sugar, syrup and natural berries of berries. It is also suitable for vegans and gluten-free.